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Aman Chaurasia is a dancer from Umbergaon, Gujarat. He started dancing at the age of 9 only. In his childhood, he used to be very shy so his parents sent him to dance classes so that he can mingle with other kids. As time passed, he changed and his interest in dance increased. His performance in dance had developed and the shy boy had started performing in Groups.

Soon after that slowly he started solo dance and won various Open Gujarat dance competitions. On numerous occasions, he forgot his dance moves on the stage, but he didn’t stop participating in dance competitions. He overcame his fear and started giving his best on the stage every time. His dance journey took a complete turn when he met a dance master Mr. Ayaan Khan. Under his guidance, he learned a lot and improved himself. 

Then he participated in India’s first lyrical battle “FEEL SEASON 2”  and became 1st finalist of that season. But he had difficulties in managing time for dance and studies which he was unable to enter in the TOP 8. He was hurt and broken, but he gathered himself. He had faced lots of trouble, the various moments when he felt like he will quit, but he rose again and put double effort into his preparation, and moved forward. Again decided that he will again put in all his effort and will participate in the “FEEL SEASON 3 ” audition. Finally made through the auditions, got selected for FEEL 3.

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