Divyanshu Rathor (D.A. Rathor Sahab) is a 22-year old dancer from Mandsaur, Madhya Pradesh. He likes all dance styles but he started to dance lyrical. Divyanshu Rathor started his dancing journey in the year 2017. He participated in many dance battles and even got successful in some of them.

In 2018, he participated in a lyrical dance battle, ‘Deserve Lyrical Battle’ judged by Mohan Singh for the first time in his life. In that battle, he reached till Top 16. Divyanshu Rathor also attended ‘Soch Lyrical Battle’ judged by Vernon Monteiro and was in the Top 8. After that, he participated in Indian Dance Revolution Lyrical Battle judged by Mohan Singh and reached till Top 4.

Divyanshu Rathor was 2nd runner-up in the dance competition of Sushant Khatri. After that, he participated in the ‘Ring ka King Lyrical Battle’ held in Gujarat judged By Mohan Singh and won it. He also won the lyrical dance battle, History Lyrical Battle, held in Indore, judged by Mohan Singh. Divyanshu emerged as the 2nd runner-up in Eat The Beat Season 5 judged by Sushant Khatri held in Surat.

Not only these, but he also won other dance competitions like Bhopal Practice To Make India Proud and Dance Ka Dhamal Kanpur. Now, he is a contestant of the world’s first-ever biggest lyrical dance battle, FEEL 3. FEEL 3 is the third season of FEEL organized by V Company Productions. So, everyone can watch FEEL 3 exclusively on our Chuzi TV. For more latest updates, please visit BeChuzi.