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Harsh Pawar is a Dance participant of FEEL 3. He started his dancing journey in 2019. Initially started with breaking but after seeing Rahul and Paul he felt inspired by their dancing style.  This led him to choose Lyrical as a dance style. 

Harsh Pawar has a deaf and dumb friend and while speaking to him he has to use sign language. He later using sign language in his dance. Harsh performed on FEEL Season 1 and was selected as top 24 and reached till top 4 and was eliminated. He switched to reality shows and the first reality show was D4 Dance jr vs SR fir dance Maharashtra dance, High fever, 2mad and India’s best dancer. Now Harsh Pawar aims for being known for his dance style and gains a huge fan following through FEEL 3. 

FEEL 3 is a stage where you can show your hidden talents and gain a huge fan following and a renowned name for yourself. Make sure to follow the dance journey of Harsh Pawar.

Show your support to Harsh Pawar. We hope he achieves his goals and makes it to the finals.

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