Kaushik Joshi is a dance participant of FEEL 3. He is dancing for the past 7 years. Initially, he started dancing with all kinds of dancing. Exploring different dancing styles led him to lyrical dance.  

He started his journey of dance with local dance competitions. As he started developing more and more passion for dance he got into the professional headspace of a dancer.

Kaushik Joshi did try really hard for the dance shows but the competitions being tough and nobody really recognized his talent and passion for dance.

Kaushik is now a participant of FEEL after working really hard and facing a lot of disappointments.

FEEL 3 is a show where one can show their inner talents without fear of being criticized. Make sure to follow Kaushik Joshi through his journey and show love. To learn more about the show turn on updates of Bechuzi and follow Chuzi TV for the latest dance performances.