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Keyur Vaghela is a dancer from Rajkot, Gujarat. He started his dancing journey when he was in 8th standard. He performed on the song, ‘Its Magic’ from the movie ‘Koi Mil Gaya’ in his high school on his own. All the teachers were so impressed by his performance that they allowed him to choose another 6 dancers for their upcoming group dance competition. After that, he choreographed his life’s first group dance and they got 3rd prize in the inter-school dance competition. That’s how his dancing journey started and became a very important part of his life.

Keyur feels that dance makes him feel alive. But he dropped dancing from his 10th to 12th standard as he wanted to concentrate on his studies. Those 3 years were very tough for him without dance that he can’t even express in words. After 12th, he joined BE in Mechanical Engineering in AITS Rajkot. During his college, he again started dancing. Because of his family’s low financial situation, he had to complete his BE on his own. So, he decided to open his own Dance class and from that, he had paid his fees of Rs. 32,500/- per semester till his 8th semester. This period is the pick time of his career that he studied and dance. During this time, he dance like never before.

He achieved so many things through his dancing. In his dancing journey, his parents and Parth Rajpura are his biggest supporters. Keyur says that “Work hard and believe, nature will always help you to catch your dreams. Always try to see the positive side to grow up more and more. The negative side will just drop you down and no learning n success at that side. Try to be a good human being first because you will always find good artists everywhere but a good human being who knows art very well, that’s rare.”

Now, he is one of the participants of the world’s first-ever lyrical dance battle, FEEL 3. He wants to give his best and win the dance championship FEEL Season 3. Everyone can watch FEEL 3 only on our Chuzi TV. For more latest updates, please visit BeChuzi.