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Rishab Rawat is one of the contestants of India’s first-ever lyrical dance battle FEEL 3. His dancing journey allowed him to experience emotions from all the winnings to losses. Dance became a part of him and he developed and enhanced himself. Rishab wants to spread his dance style all over India so he made a decision to go to Mumbai leaving his hometown.
Rishab joined V Company for 4 months diploma in dance. Later he successfully won the dance competition EVOLUTION VOL. 1 organized by V Company. After this win, he got some power-ups to face something bigger. So, he gave audition for FEEL 2 and got selected in the top 25. Even though he couldn’t win FEEL 2, he gained a lot of experience. He traveled all over India and seen different types of dancers and involved himself in growth. His main aim is to spread his flavor of dancing all over India.

Now, Rishab Rawat is ready to face FEEL Season 3. This time, he is in full swing to win this lyrical dance battle organized by V Company Productions. Everyone can watch FEEL 3 only on our Chuzi TV. For more latest updates, please visit BeChuzi.