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Rupesh Piranha is a participant in the new upcoming battle show FEEL 3. He is from the heart of Maharashtra i.e Mumbai. Rupesh lives in Dahisar. He started his dance journey 6 years back. Struggling his way up he has entered the competition today. 

Rupesh Piranha Started as a dancer but not having a proper stage to showcase his talents did really demotivate him but luckily he never gave up. Rupesh Piranha’s passion for dance never let him gave up. Instead, he kept working really hard to be a part of this number one battle show. The first-ever battle show for all the dancers who don’t get enough opportunities to show how good they are in what they do. This show is a gateway for people to see dance can be a career too even for those who perform underground battles. They can come up in the open and showcase what they have got and get rewarded for years of hard work.

Vernon has really given these guys a new home with a stage show like FEEL 3. Make sure to support V Company as well as the contestant with the new show. Check updates on our website Bechuzi and also on Chuzi Tv.