Virendra Chauhan started his dance journey 5 years ago when he was in Surendranagar for his studies. Initially, he used to learn dance from YouTube videos. He learns dance even now from YouTube. He met a lot of dancers and got great inspiration from them. Later, he shifted to Rajkot with his friend Rahul Joshi from Surendranagar to achieve his goals in dancing.

Virendra started practicing and joined an academy to teach dance. From there, he started earning and invested the money to improve his dancing skills. After some time, he participated in many dance competitions as a solo artist and duet as well with his friend Rahul Joshi. They have won many competitions in a national level championship at Bhopal, Ayodhya, Punjab, and Chandigarh. They also won some state-level dance competitions. He got the chance to perform in front of famous choreographers Vernon, Vaibha, Abhishek Das, Rahul, and Paul.

Even though Virendra won many competitions, he feels that he needs to learn a lot and he is on it. Now, he is a part of FEEL 3 which is a lyrical dance battle organized by V Company Productions. Hope he gives his best in this dance championship.

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