Anubhav Negi is a FEEL 3 participant. Originally from Dehradun, Uttarakhand. Young 17 years boy dancing right since childhood. Since the age of 12, he started dancing professionally.  

Anubhav Negi is packed with talent but no stage to showcase his talents. He saw the first two seasons of the show and did not find himself really ready for the show and did not participate but kept working harder for FEEL 3

Following the footsteps of FEEL SEASON 1, he worked hard to be a contestant of FEEL SEASON 3. He wants to be known as someone who is a lyrical dancer. 

This competition is really important for Anubhav Negi as he started being a part of battle shows outside the cities. It’s been almost 3 years since he started participating in Lyrical battles. Going out and battling with the most talented lyrical dancers gave him a boost and he had a great experience from it. He is rooting for being remembered as the best lyrical dancer on the FEEL stage. 

FEEL is a platform for Lyrical dancers to gain an audience and showcase their talents with stage battles.

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