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Rajendra Kadam is a dancer from Nallasopara, Mumbai. He started his dancing journey in the year 2012 but that was with the group performance. At that time, he was doing only flipping and Jhama. Then, he got the opportunity to perform for V Company. He was a fanatic experience throughout these years. But that time he was performing at HHI Hip Hop International it was 18 hours of practice.

But in between these years feel started in 2016 and he didn’t understand the concept. Then through group he understood it and Sushant Khatri and Mohan Singh inspired him and he got interested more in lyrical. His real solo dance journey begins from there. Then he wanted to perform in FEEL 2 but due to dance reality shows, he couldn’t audition for FEEL 2.

Now, he wanted to perform at FEEL 3 and winning FEEL Season 3 is his main goal. It was very tough for him to directly perform in FEEL because of battle rounds so he started to do dance battles and he was learning about battles and their style. He also got to showcase his fliping and different styles of dance and he learned to mix up all his skill together and use in lyrical dance form. You all can watch FEEL 3 exclusively on our Chuzi TV.

Let’s hope he reaches his goal. Rajendra Kadam is also one of the dance pioneers of our dance challenge app, Chuzi. Rajendra is also a part of the Indievision Pioneers and one of the first talents to grace the magazine, Indievision. For more latest updates, please visit BeChuzi.