Pradeep Gupta is one of the contestants of Feel 3. He started his dancing career in 2012. He started out as a dancer in a crew and later went on to become a solo dancer. Pradeep has strove to create a style of his own, and says that he has worked it on over the years. Like Pradeep, Feel 3 has other participants who believe that they have it in them to challenge some of the best dancers in the country.

Pradeep considers Feel important for him because he believes that taking part in the competition will give his dance style a unique platform. He says that Feel is a national championship and he gets a chance to contest against and perform with contestants all over the country. He says that while he has won several national championships, his style of dancing has not yet reached the mainstream crowd. He believes that with Feel 3, his way of dancing will finally get its platform.

At Feel 3, Pradeep is one of the many contestants who are giving it their all to win your hearts and gain a platform to show their talent and skill with the whole world.  Feel is a unique dance competition that pits the best against the best  in a unique competition that has them dance off against each other. Pradeep is one of the many dance performers who are out there to perform with the best.

And all of this is coming to you on your streaming screens. You don’t need to pay any subscription fees or add to your cable expense. You will be able to watch all the dance performances and contests right on your laptop or phone – for free!

The Feel 3 competition is one of a kind one, which has its contestants and participants from all over the country, giving them a chance to show off their dancing skills.  The contestants are from the dance fraternity and have done years of work in the world of dance and performances on stage.

With the Covid-19 pandemic still around, Feel 3 is ensuring that all protocols are in place. Feel 3 is now live on Chuzi TV!

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