Good News for  Dancers!!! FEEL 4 is going to start soon. The auditions for the FEEL Season 4 will begin soon on the Chuzi App. FEEL 4 is the fourth season of the  famous lyrical dance battle, FEEL organized by V Company. The well-known choreographer, Vernon Monteiro, is the man behind this exciting dance battle. The best dancers in India are now invited to join the audition. The auditions will be on the Chuzi app, the brand new dance challenge app.

FEEL Season 1 was held in the year 2016. It was the world’s first-ever lyrical battle, where 300+ lyrical dancers gave auditions across all the Indian states. Sushant Khatri emerged as the winner of FEEL Season 1 and this win was a  turning point in his dancing career. Sushant Khatri’s success encouraged all other dancers to participate in the other seasons of FEEL.

After the success of season 1 of FEEL, Vernon paved the path for the artists, through the second season of FEEL. FEEL 2, held in the year 2016. The judging panel comprised of individuals from different dance communities.

There were 5 judges for Feel 2:

  • Amit Rokade,
  • Sagar Bora,
  • Abhishek Das,
  • Shubhankar Gawade,
  • Vernon Monteiro.

For FEEL 2, more dancers came forward and gave auditions. The appreciation from the dancers multiplied for FEEL Season 2.  Mohan Singh won the title of FEEL 2. He now works as a choreographer in many reality shows and also with celebrities.

As FEEL and FEEL 2 are a great success and  popular, Vernon organized FEEL 3.  The auditions of FEEL 3 happened before the pandemic and they  restarted later in 2021. The hype for FEEL Season 3 was excellent. The auditions were beyond expectations and dancers who completed the audition  were the most amazing and the most creative dancers of FEEL.

For FEEL 3, the judging panel consisted of:
  • Amit Rokade,
  • Abhishek Das,
  • Akash Kamble aka Axi.

Mohan Singh won the title of FEEL 3. He was the winner of FEEL 2.

After FEEL, FEEL 2 and FEEL 3, now it is the time for FEEL 4. The auditions for FEEL 4 will be starting soon on the dance app, Chuzi. So all the dancers get ready and refine their dancing skills for FEEL Season 4 as this time the competition may going to be very tough.