Hello Guys!!! The fourth season of the world’s first-ever lyrical dance battle, Feel 4 Audition Challenge, is going to start soon. This time, the audition for Feel 4 Audition Challenge is going to be online on the dance app, Chuzi. The online auditions for Feel 4 Audition Challenge will start on Chuzi from 31 January 2022 and end on 20 February 2022. To win the title of Feel 4 Audition Challenge, the dancers need to pass through various stages. Here, are the different stages that every dancer needs to qualify for winning FEEL 4.

Complete Process of Feel 4 Audition Challenge:

  • Firstly, the dancers must join the Feel 4 Audition Challenge. To know how to join for FEEL 4 audition, click here.
  • From all the online audition videos, only 22 will be selected by the Judges based on their performance and also the points that they have earned on Chuzi app.
  • The 22 finalists will then have a dance-off among themselves at the V Company Studio, Mumbai.
  • From 22 finalists,  8 dancers will go to the final round.
  • The judges will give the eight finalists points.
  • All the 8 finalists will have a dance-off among themselves, and the winner will take the title to home.
  • But here is a twist. FEEL 3 winner Mohan Singh is also going to participate in FEEL 4. He will compete with the 8 finalists. If he wins 5 or more challenges, then he will be one of the finalists and the one who will be selected from 8 finalists will compete with Mohan Singh for the title. These two will have the final dance face off.