FEEL 4 is the fourth season of the world’s first-ever lyrical dance battle, FEEL. It is a great platform for all the dancers created by the creator Vernon Monteiro. FEEL 4 is a golden chance for the dancers to showcase their hidden and unique talent in dance. 

This time, the auditions for Feel 4 were online on the dance app, Chuzi. The dancers from every corner of India participated in FEEL 4. To win the title of Feel 4 Audition Challenge, the dancers need to pass through various stages. We got the top 22 contestants from all the online audition videos who will be having a dance-off among themselves at the V Company Studios, Mumbai.

These top 22 finalists were from famous cities to small villages. These all got possible only with the factor that the Audition ran online which made it possible for every dedicated dancer to participate in this season.

Here are the top 22 contestants of FEEL 4-

  • Moin Chagan
  • Rohit Thapa
  • Lakshita Dubey
  • Kumkum Shah
  • Rajendra Kadam
  • Nikhil Malviya
  • Rajiv Ujjainwalal
  • Omkar Kale
  • Rishi Soni
  • Satyam Rai
  • Ayaan Sahu
  • Kalpesh Kurhada
  • Aman Chaurasia
  • Rishi Dabla
  • Akansha Mishra
  • Nadim Shaikh
  • Zuned Khan
  • Ronak Bhanushali
  • D.A Rathod Sahab
  • Sadab Sarkar
  • Nikhil Soni
  • Prashant Dalvi

Now, from all these 22 contestants, only 8 will go to the next round and will compete with the defending champion, Mohan Singh. 

So guys, get ready for this exciting dance battle which is exclusively available on Chuzi TV.