Food Challenges are fun and they are going around everywhere over the globe so get in on the trend and try some of it with us. 

Tin Can Food

What’s The Challenge? – Blind Fold yourself and your buddy. Start with taking off the labels on the can. Pick a can and eat from it and tell us what did you just eat. You have to eat a large spoonful of the contents. You get extra points if you can guess what is in the can.

Who Wins? – The person with the most right guesses wins the challenge.

Tips – Smell the food before taking a bite; this will activate the taste buds and make it a little easier for you to guess what you just ate.

Hot Wings Challenge

What’s The Challenge? – The hot wing challenge is an extreme food challenge where you eat a whole plate of very spicy hot wings. This challenge can be done within two people. One person has a plate of wings and another and one plate.

Who Wins? – The first person to finish the plate of their hot wings is to be considered a winner. If both cannot finish the plate then the one who has had the most wings will be considered the winner.

Tips – Make sure to start training your stomach with some of the spiciest food from a week. This will help you to intake a lot more than you usually would. Don’t eat anything sweet before taking up this challenge as sweet will make the wings spicier for your tongue.

Gummy Foods Vs Real Food

What’s The Challenge? – One has a plate of gummy food and the other gets a real version of it. But the twist is both have a blindfold on and someone will put the plate in front of them and then they try it. This means that if one contestant is getting gummy worms, the other has to get real worms! It is up to you just how far that you want to take it.

Who Wins? – There is no specific winner of looser for it but who enjoys a sugar rush? Because the gummy food can give that to you really quickly.

Tips – Train your head to even see real worms on your plate and if you don’t wish to lose make sure you eat a bite at least.

Milk Gallon Challenge

What’s The Challenge? – One has to drink an entire gallon of milk. You have to drink it straight from the bottle. It is basically chugging the milk without a time limit. There is even another version of it where you add color to it and can try this with a group of friends to make it more fun.

Who Wins? – The person who has chugged all of the milk before its time up is obviously the winner but if you both cant finish then the one who has had the most of it is to be considered a winner.

Tips – Nothing beats the intensity of milk but try practicing this with water and set a time for yourself and practice chugging water at once in 5 seconds. If you are someone who pukes easily then I have a piece of bad news for you about this challenge that is not for you. This can make you sick so don’t try if you cant chug water for starters.

To learn about more challenges stay tuned to BeChuzi.