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We know the history of food eating competitions and you would have probably heard about a lot of it. The challenges where people tend to eat anything and everything. The one that brings their competitive spirits out for money. The prizes that they receive back are surely a treat to them but the amount of pain and suffering they have to go through during and after the challenges is beyond comparison. 

The WTF Burger Challenge, The Burger Barn Cafe, Pune

What’s the Challenge? – The burger is a foot long and weighs a hefty 2 kgs! It is stuffed with 6 different patties of chicken, sausage, and salami, and is topped with an egg. The burger comes with fries and a milkshake to finish within 30 minutes. 

Who wins? – The participant has to finish the meal in 30 minutes. The one who finishes it has got this Rs. 650 ++ meal free for himself. 

Tips – Don’t eat anything before going to this place and participating in this challenge.  An empty stomach is best to go for this contest. 

Naga King Chilly Eating Competition, Hornbill Festival, Nagaland

What is the challenge? – It is a chilly eating competition where participants are asked to eat chilies. These are not any regular chilies this is special chilies found in Naga itself.  

Who Wins? – The person who eats the most chilies is the winner of the contest.

Tips – Make sure to stock up a good amount of milk and curd in order to get rid of the spiciest pepper from nagaland. 

Tin Can Food

What’s The Challenge? – Blind Fold yourself and your buddy. Start with taking off the labels on the can. Pick a can and eat from it and tell us what did you just eat. You have to eat a large spoonful of the contents. You get extra points if you can guess what is in the can.

Who Wins? – The person with the most right guesses wins the challenge.

Tips – Smell the food before taking a bite; this will activate the taste buds and make it a little easier for you to guess what you just ate.

ABS Challenge, Plan B, Bangalore

What’s the challenge? – ABG stands for – Ass Burning Spicy Challenge. You are given 6 pieces of chicken wings which are quoted with extra spicy sauce and you have to finish it all. 

Who wins? – The person who has managed to finish all the 6 pieces of chicken wings will be considered the winner.

Tips – Make sure to not have anything sweet before trying this challenge because sweet taste buds will just worsen the whole wing eating scenario. 

Mother-in-law’s Revenge, Old World’s Charm, Delhi

What is the challenge? – Finish a meal of eight-patty burger, a bowl of pasta, a side of fries, and a tall glass of milkshake in 30 Minutes. 

Who wins? – If you have managed to finish the entire thing in 30 minutes then you have surely won yourself a free meal worth Rs 1600 ++

Tips – Start with fries then have burger then have pasta and then finally have the chass. 

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