The great Indian food challenge has been around for a while. It might soon be online, what with the pandemic changing the way we are living our daily lives and getting our entertainment. Food challenges are getting popular, and you will see several influencers creating these food challenges for their fan base.

While we are seeing a lot of dishes, both Indian and foreign, we need to look at one particular Indian dish that should be at the crux of the Indian food challenge, the biryani. Let’s not look at the origins of the biryani, the fact is that the biryani is in the very midst of Indian ethnicity and culture. Here’s looking at why there can be no Indian food challenge without the biryani.

  • The biryani is a true gourmet

You can’t go wrong with the biryani, and that’s because there’s a specific way of cooking it. You need at least an hour or even three to make the best biryani that is possible. Even after you have the ingredients in place,  you might take the whole of the afternoon to make it. With such a skilled recipe, there’s every reason that the best biryanis should get a food challenge of their own.

  • The biryani is the complete dish

Indian dishes need accompaniments. If you have a particular pulao, you need something more. But the biryani, with its raita, is the complete dish and you don’t need accompaniments, making it the best value for money and value for time dish.  Even in restaurants, once you order the biryani, they know that the order is done and there’s nothing more coming on that table – except maybe a cold drink.

  • There are several types of biryanis

There are several types of biryanis and each of them has several other cooking manners.  Even if not a food challenge, it will be a great experience to see the several kinds of biryani being cooked and consumed. Basically, the biryani is the best dish for online media because of the varieties that it has and the kind of history and heritage that it has.

  • The Biryani is different in different states

The biryani has a different cooking manner in Maharasthra, and another in Gujarat, and another in the Southern states. So, an online cooking challenge having the biryani will be a learning experience for the whole of India and the world.

These are just some simple reasons why the biryani would make it to any Indian food challenge that’s either online or local. Do you believe we are correct? Tell us in the comments section. Do you want more epic content like this, keep visiting us at