Did you know that there are Pokemon that exist in the real world? Yup! Some of your favorite Pokemon are actually taken from real life!

Do you still remember the different Pokemon characters you practically grew up with? A lot of people’s childhood was made complete by this anime. Up until now, it’s still definitely a hit! The creatures in this cartoon have amazed all of us. But some of you may night be aware that some of these creatures are actually taken from real life. Yup! The cartoon characters of Pokemon show actually exist in some way. If you don’t believe, have a look at this article!


Drowzee is the most unique Pokemon. This Pokemon evolves into Hypno. Drowzee is a psychic type Pokemon and it uses the abilities of insomnia and forewarns on its enemies. This Pokemon is inspired by a long-nosed animal called Malayan Tapir. The Malayan Tapir is a vegetarian pig which doesn’t see well but has the incredible smell and hearing senses.


Pikachu is one of the favorite Pokemon of everyone. It is an electric type mouse which gives a shock to its enemies. Pikachu is considered as the Pokemon mascot. This Pokemon is inspired by a rare species of mouse, named Pika Mouse, which is found in the mountain regions of Asia. There are 25 types of Pika Mice in reality. Just like Pikachu, the Pika Mice make loud noises.


Magikarp is a water pokemon. To transform this Pokemon into something useful, there will be a need for thousands of Magikarps. The Magikarp is based on the Yellow Rock Fish. The Yellow Rock Fish is a complete twin version of Magikarp. This fish will be found all around the East Pacific Ocean.


Poliwag is one of the first water Pokemon in the Pokemon series. It has hypnotic swirls on its chest which represents the internal organs of Poliwag. This Pokemon is inspired by the real creature Polliwog which is also called as Tadpole. The Poliwags evolves into Poliwhirl and then they evolve into Poliwrath or Politoed.


Caterpie is the first catch of Ash. It is one of the cutest and adorable Pokemon in the series. It is a Shield Dust expert, which protects itself from enemies using Shield Dust. By just seeing this Pokemon, we can easily get to know that it is inspired by the Caterpillar.

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