Want to know the factors regarding the growth of ESPORTS in India? Then keep on reading!

Electronic Sports or ESPORTS is a competitive video gaming company. Currently, ESPORTS Company is one of the fastest-growing sports in the world. ESPORTS offers online video gaming at a professional level with winner and loser. ESPORTS competitions involve two teams that are competing against each other. The two teams will compete with one another in the same video game itself for prize pools and trophies. The competitions being held are broadcasted live over streaming platforms such as Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook to people all over the world.

The ESPORTS Company is with the agenda to make their presence in 2022 Asian Games. Also, they are trying to make their presence in the Olympics. There are many reasons that made this company to explore its business worldwide. Let us have a look at those reasons for the ESPORTS Company success mantra.

Factors that are responsible for the Growth of the ESPORTS in India:

  1. ESPORTS is offering the competitive gaming leagues that are streamed online all over the world including India. So the one who has an internet connection can watch them and even can play for free.
  2. The Indian ESPORTS scene organizes their events with huge investments as they have major investors or players like Nazara Technologies Ltd, Ucypher, COBx Gaming, and much more.
  3. The online streaming service called Twitch allows everyone to watch live streams of people who are playing their favorite video games at a free of cost.
  4. According to the ESPORTS online streaming service, most of its audience is between the ages of 18-34. So this shows that ESPORTS has a unique transcendental connects towards the youth.
  5. India already is holding enough and even more potential with viewership.
  6. Legitimacy is a very crucial aspect in a country like India. This is due to the reason that Gaming for a living has been a challenge and a risk for individuals in most parts of the Indian country.
  7. Furthermore, on a larger scale, the Legitimacy of ESPORTS could fix it to an extent as the pride at the Olympics. As success in the Olympics is something that is very close to India.
  8. With the Twitch online streaming service, the users can even make a lot of money with people watching other people who are playing the games. This money making service is attracting almost 600 million global audiences towards ESPORTS.
  9. Joining of the famous sport teams

So with these factors and trust from the audience, the ESPORTS has become more popular globally. And the technology, new streaming services, money-making services, involvement of big businesses, and more are the steps for the major growth of the ESPORTS. In the upcoming years, India will be needed to realize the rapid growth to play on par along with the global market. A reality like this is already here with ESPORTS being the major buzz among the next generation of gamers from India.

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