Summers are all about vacations, vitamin sea and gorging on ice creams and coolers. As fun as this season can be, one cannot deny the amount of havoc it causes to the skin, which often forces us to cover our face and body as soon as we step outside. The ample amount of efforts we take to protect our skin eventually all go in vain as harmful UV rays easily penetrate through clothes. The question then arises how should one look after their skin? The answer is simple, by eating healthy and using a few skincare products that will take care of the rest. Let’s discover some affordable brands that offer crucial products that are loved by any skin.

The Face Shop

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The Face Shop is often considered as a luxury skincare brand but what many may have not noticed is that the brand creates some of the best and most affordable sheet masks available. Each sheet mask retails for a decent price of 100/- INR which allows people of all classes to try their hands on this product. Summers tend to make the skin blotchy, dull and often oily, with the help of a suitable face mask, you can let your skin get all the necessary ingredients with just one sheet.

Lotus Herbals

Unlike Maybelline that is makeup which is also good for the skin, Lotus is more into herbal skincare and less involved in makeup products. One of the most loved products by the brand is their sheer matte sunscreen. The product is unlike any sunscreen you may have used so far. It gives a BB cream like effect without being heavy on the skin and at the same time protecting your skin extensively.


Talking about affordable skincare would be incomplete without mentioning Biotique. The brand that is taking care of many Indians’ skin is made of natural ingredients and is effective as well as highly affordable. Biotique produces hair as well as skincare products that are all affordable. One of the most loved products by the brand is their Cucumber Pore tightening toner that gives your skin an instant cooling effect. A few other products that one cannot help but fall in love with are their Ageless Serum, Whitening and Depigmentation Face Pack as well as their Papaya Tan-Removal Scrub.


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No matter how old or young you are, if you live in an urban area, you have definitely heard the name of Lakme for a long long time. While Lakme well known for producing affordable makeup, they do produce a few skincare products that are easily available in drugstores. To keep your skin summer ready, Lakme’s sun expert with SPF 50 PA +++ is a perfect addition to your skincare routine. Their 9 to 5 CC cream is good to go option when you do not feel like using a foundation. A small amount goes a long way, the application is easy and coverage is enough to give you a fresh look.