No, we aren’t talking about organic, we are only going to talk about natural. A natural product indicates that few of the components used to create the product are naturally available in our surroundings. Natural products are a little more affordable as well as easily available and accessible in comparison to organic products. The affordability makes natural makeup products a great option for young girls and women as they are gentle on the skin. Let’s find out which are the top 05 natural makeup affordable brands that you should definitely watch out for next time you go shopping.


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Himalaya is a name that is widely famous in many Indian households. It is one of the affordable brands in skincare. Their neem facewash is a saviour for teens suffering from oily skin and pimples. The company produces kajal, toner, creams, facewash as well as face wipes and multiple hair care products. This is one such brand that has managed to get even the lower-middle-class people acquainted with natural products because of their affordability and easy availability even in drugstores.


05 Affordable Brands that are all things Natural

A brand that will cater to all your skincare needs is Biotique. With a very cool and exclusive packaging comes the various extensive products of Biotique. The company produces eye creams, face packs, soaps, toners, moisturizers, scrub, lip balm, as well as a variety of hair care products. The wide range of products also helps individuals to stick to one brand instead of searching for products under multiple brands.

Lotus Herbals

05 Affordable Brands that are all things Natural

A chic elegant packaging that gives its products a very sophisticated look is beauty and skincare products by the brand Lotus Herbals. Their sunscreen is one of the most loved products as it is cheaper in comparison to other sunscreens and gives a sheer matte finish. The products curated by Lotus herbals have a nice pleasant fragrance; they have different ranges with a newly launched made organically.

The Body Shop

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Entering inside a Body Shop outlet, you are instantly smitten by the packaging as well as the various different ingredients used in the product. The fragrance lingers onto you the moment you step inside. It is difficult to step out of the shop without getting your hands on any of their wide variety of products that comprised of skincare, haircare as well as makeup. They often offer sale as well as a discount. So make sure to visit or shop online during this time to save a few bucks.


05 Affordable Brands that are all things Natural

When it comes to cleanup and facial kits, VLCC is one of the most preferred choices of women seeking something budget-friendly yet effective. VLCC products can be purchased online as well as in beauty stores. They also produce sunscreen, manicure kits, cleansing milk, as well as herbal henna. All in all, VLCC is the brand to watch out for to give yourself a salon-like treatment right at home.

Therefore, these are some brands that contain mostly natural ingredients.