All thanks to Korean beauty trends frenzies, the Indian beauty market is flooded with ‘Sheet Masks’. The ample amount of variety, attractive packaging and the promising after-effects have attracted women and men from all parts of the world. This frenzy works wonders when used appropriately. Let us share with you 04 very basic sheet mask tips and tricks that are suitable for beginners.

  • Don’t let the sheet dry

04 Sheet Mask Tips and Tricks for Beginners

A sheet mask should not be mistaken for a peel-off mask. In the case of a peel-off mask, it is essential to let it sit on your skin until it completely dries so that you can peel it or wash it off in some cases. Sheet masks, on the other hand, contain a lot of ingredients that are meant to be soaked up by your skin. Once you take off the still wet sheet mask, gently massage the residue on your face and neck.

  • Ingredients matter

04 Sheet Mask Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Every variety of sheet mask contains an ingredient that makes it distinct from the other. Instead of blindly buying a sheet mask that is highly popular or has high reviews, buy a mask that suits your skin type and problems. There are sheet masks for anti-ageing, skin elasticity, specific ingredients and other variations.

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  • MYO- Make your own!

04 Sheet Mask Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Yes, you can make your own sheet mask, at home, which is specifically only for you. Many websites sell sheets that are also known as DIY Masks. These are cheaper compared to the regular sheet masks and can be purchased in bulk. You can add ingredients of your choice and create a required mask. Put your DIY mask in this blend, let it soak the mixture properly and then proceed with placing the mask on your face.

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  • Use regularly

Sheet masks need not be used daily as that can be very expensive for the pocket. Experts believe that unlike other skincare products, sheet masks don’t have to be used daily. Use a sheet mask weekly on a regular basis to boost the condition and health of your skin. Buy in bulk so you are always good to go. You can also take assistance from the shop assistants who can help you figure out the ideal mask for your skin type.

Therefore, these are some tips for using Sheet Masks. For more updates related to lifestyle and skincare, visit Bechuzi