College life is a turning point for everyone, be it girls or boys. This turning point can be a little tumultuous as you are entering a whole new world with a distinct crowd which has to be tackled along with studies and teenage. There will be many activities and cultural events taking place on a day to day basis. Although you don’t need to go through a complete makeover, adding a few extra things to your wardrobe can surely make you prepped and confident. Here are 05 must-have additions for boys, that will avoid the beg, borrow and steal scenario.


We all know that underarms are the root cause of the bad odour as that’s where we sweat the most. A roll-on builds a nice shield on the underarms which doesn’t just make you smell fresh but also feel fresh as it avoids the friction between your armpits and arms caused due to sweat. A roll-on is easy to use, cheap and there are multiple options for all in the market.


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Deodrants make us smell pleasant and so using them makes sense but at times they can be a saviour in disguise. There will be days when you might be a part of the college committee but also have to rush to college afterwards and then attend a function or meet your friends. While you dress well and make sure to look great, taking a shower at all times will be difficult so that’s when a deodorant comes in handy. Feeling fresh?


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Tie day, fresher’s a party, farewell parties, etc will become a part of your life pretty soon. Instead of asking a friend or a family member for their tie, buy one in advance to avoid any last-minute hassle. Best part? You don’t have to adjust to what they give you, you can buy something you like and use it as and when required. Also, they don’t go old or tear too soon so consider it a long-term investment.

Plain Black & White Shirt

Events and activities will take place weekly, buying a new outfit weekly? That will be impossible, so buy a well fitted black and white shirt in advance. You can pair the two up with multiple bottoms, as well as accessorize. Tuck it in or keep it out, black and white can never really go out of fashion.


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You are entering a world where you will be coming across people who interest you, people who can play a significant role in your life, teachers as well as partners and friends. Meeting someone with a pleasant smile and great attributes is impressive but add a fresh smelling mouth to go along with it and you are great to leave an impact on many people.