Not everyone has a bank to open up to buy an expensive phone they moment they decide to become an influencer. Fortunately, the mobile market has opened up tremendously, and you have several other models – other than the ones costing lakhs – that make for a decent video before you hit the big time and buy the latest model. Here are some simple tips for the influencer to keep in mind while buying  a new phone.

It should have a Pro mode:

The pro mode is the next best thing to a DSLR. With the Pro Mode, you can decide on various aspects like the shutter speed and the ISO and come up with some brilliant videos and photos. Most mobile phones in the range of 15-20k have a pro mode nowadays. So all you need to do is look closely while shopping.

It should be able to take HDR photos:

HDR photos are the next big thing, and the only reason influencers haven’t started doing this is because they have yet to scroll up, but when they do, HDR is going to be the only way to go forward. Again, several flagship phones and even sub-brands have HDR in the 15k-20k segment.

It should be sleek:

That’s one of the major reasons that phones like the iPhone are the go-to models when it comes to influencers. A mobile phone being sleek isn’t only about the looks, it is easy to carry and use. With the risk of a throwing down a bulky piece of machinery, one can concentrate better on the picture quality, the best angles and the perfect angle to take a photograph.

It Should Have at least 64 GB Memory

One of the first actions you take once you click photos is to transfer them to your pc. But if you are on a weekend trip, the 16 GB memory is not going to cut it, and its an hassle with some phones to save photos on the external memory. So, if you are investing in a new phone, better go with the 64 GB model.  Some flagship phones now have 128 GB memory. If you have that kind of budget, go for it.

It should have accessories in the market

Glass, earphones, external microphones and all that. In some cases, new flagship models don’t have these products out in the market, making you wait to bring them out to the world and use them in the way that they should be.

These are the five aspects that influencers should look at before buying a new phone.