Cosmetics or makeup are not just a way to enhance your beauty. They also play a big role in making one feel confident. Though nothing comes free, nor do these products, but there are always substitutes and cheaper options available. Often cheaper for certain people means of bad quality. To break this myth, we have put together 5 Cosmetic brands that are affordable as well as of good quality.

Check out the 5 cosmetic brands that are pocket friendly below-

  • Maybelline

Cosmetic Brands for Teenagers that are Pocket Friendly

Kajal, Compacts, Mascara or Lipsticks, you name it and this brand has got it all covered for you. They have multiple ranges which all have different price bars. This allows one to buy a product of any price range starting from INR 100/-. Maybelline is trusted and used by many people across the world.

  • Lakme

A brand that we have grown up with, a brand that even our mothers are familiar with. Lakme has one of the most affordable eye-liners and lip-balms in the market along with other make-up products. They also sell sun-screens, moisturizers and other products which make it easier for a buyer to stick to one brand.

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  • Elle 18

Cosmetic Brands for Teenagers that are Pocket Friendly

The most cutely packaged, affordable make-up is curated by Elle 18. The brand is highly accessive and cheap which makes it easier to buy. They produce some cool lipsticks with inbuilt lip-balms which keep the moisture on the lips locked for a long time. Their Nail-paints, Lip crayons and Kajal are highly popular.

  • Biotique

Biotique focuses more on the skincare range. The brand produces some of the best products that are available in drug stores too. You cannot miss out on their Toner, Serum, Lip Balm, Scrubs and hair products that are loved by thousands. Their reviews have always been great, the fragrance is always natural, never overpowering. Overall an ideal skincare brand to vouch for.

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  • Good Vibes

Cosmetic Brands for Teenagers that are Pocket Friendly

A fairly new brand, Good Vibes has already created a fan base in the market. They sell some great oils and serums along with hair masks among other products that are very affordable. They use some really good ingredients which availing at their price can be difficult. The brand sells its products on and has great offers at all times.

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