• Donald Trump and Melania Trump may finally wear a face mask.  That will be after how many ever days they will be in self-quarantine.  The President of the United States, with possibly the best health care on the entire planet, is positive for Covid-19. This is an illness that one can ward off by wearing a face mask.

The President announced this via a system that he uses most, probably more than Obama – Twitter. He helpfully pointed out the person who tested positive first, his political advisor Hope Hicks.   According to the President, Hope been working relentlessly on the campaign trail. Along with the President, Melania Trump has also tested positive for medical illness.

This comes as a surprise for many, with Trump just beginning his re-election campaign. Earlier, he has been having various talks to an auditorium full of people, In September, the President took the fight to Covid-19 by having an indoor rally that was against the questionable fashion of wearing a face-mask. This was his first rally since June. Photos of the brave idnividuals who followed the President in rejecting the face-mask splashed all over the media channels  These were right bang in the middle of the Covid-19 Virus being a pandemic, but nary a chance of being Positive to a pandemic that’s sweeping the whole world – which experts say can be avoided by wearing a mask and avoiding crowds – both cheap, and effective ways to combat Covid-19.

Meanwhile, there’s no response yet about the President Donald Trump  perfect idea of disinfectant doing a number of the Covid-19 virus. Until then, it’s Trump – 0, Mask  – 1

Apart from this slight inconvenience, the week has been great for Trump. He has had a great debate with former Vice-President Joe Biden.  The debate opened up a lot of aspects of politics for the common people.

He has also successfully countered the allegations about him paying a minimal amount of taxes, less than the tax a student pays while studying a course that makes them eligible to make money.  With this, he has successfully made clear the loopholes that the previous Governments had as regards he tax system. Now that he has taken the fight to the virus by testing positve and learning first-hand what happens to a person who tested positive, maybe he plans to clean thet tax system from inside.