No offense to coffee lovers, but sometimes, we do need something to change the scenario in the morning. Coffee is, surprisingly, not the number one beverage that humans drink in their morning. It’s something else. So, without much ado, here’s a list of the beverages that can replace your morning ritual called breakfast.

  • Orange Juice:

We see it in movies, and it actually makes a lot of sense to start your day with some juice instead of coffee.A fruit juice, of course, is infinitely healthier than coffee. It’s not the perk up like a coffee. But if you haven’t yet reached that stage where you need a fixer upper early in the morning, you can replace your coffee with a glass of orange juice, all the better if it’s fresh pressed.  You also get canned orange juice, so that’s a good thing, because you can stock up the juice for a few weeks.   Then again, it’s pretty easy nowadays to make orange juice at home with the various juicers available.

  • Lime Juice:

And if you aren’t someone who’d stock up on oranges, try the humble lime juice to begin your day.  Lime works wonders for the body. If you drink warm lime juice early in the morning, it will help digestion, detoxify your body and give you another crate full of good effects on your body. Lime juice is also one of the most easy recipes to make. All you need to do is squeeze some lime in water, mix some sugar and salt in it – and you have a glass of the most nutritious drink right up for you.

More Best Beverages that can replace morning coffee

  • Tea :

Don’t knock off tea off that list as yet. Tea is one of the most famous beverages in Asia and making a breakthrough in the West as well. Inexplicably, the west regards this as chai tea. when chai and tea mean the same thing. In Hindi, tea is chai. Whatever that might be, tea is the humble, cheaper fixer upper that has been around for decades and generations. You have all kinds of tea that you can try, right from lemon tea to masala tea, like how you have latte and espresso.

  • Cranberry Juice

And for those who want to taste something really different, go for a cranberry juice. It’d could be difficult to get fresh pressed Cranberry, but you can begin with the canned juices and check if you like the taste. Cranberry gives you a sharp taste that might not sit well with everyone. So, tread lightly.

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