Experimenting with food is great. But here are the 10 food combinations that you should not eat!

Your health mainly depends on the food that you intake. So, you have to make sure that the food you are taking must not only be tasty but also healthy. Most of the times, we prefer eating a combination of two or more foods. Some food combinations are healthy but there are some food combinations which are very dangerous for our health. So, here, we are going to list out some 10 food combinations that you should avoid for your good health conditions.

Bananas with Milk

This food combination is very heavy for the body and leads to digestion problems. It also produces toxins in the body that might cause sinus congestion and make us prone to cold, cough, or allergies.

Fruits with or after meals

Fruits don’t combine well with heavy foods because fruits require less digestion time than other foods. So, if you eat fruit after or with a meal, the sugar present in fruit will stay for too long in the stomach and starts to ferment.

Tomatoes in Pasta

Pasta is very rich in starchy carbohydrates and difficult to digest. Tomatoes are highly acidic and cause hindrance in the digestion of starch. Hence, after eating tomatoes with pasta you often get tired and incredibly bloated.

Lemon and Cough Syrup

Lemons are well known to break down cough suppressants. So, when you take a lime with cough syrup, lemon will increase the unwanted higher concentrations of the drug causing various side effects.

Yogurt with Fruits

For all those who are having digestion problems, this food combination is very unhealthy. Yogurt is rich in protein and when it comes in contact with the acidic fruit, it diminishes digestive fibers and produces toxins. It also caused cold allergies.

Eggs and Bacon

Eggs are rich in proteins and Bacon is rich in fat. When you eat this two together, you can get good energy instantly and this energy vanishes very soon leaving you lethargic.

Olive Oil and Nuts

The fats containing in the olive oil and the proteins in the nuts do not mix well and hinders digestion.

Cereal and Juice

We know that cereals are rich in carbs. So, when you take cereal with juice, the acids present in juice lowers the activity of the enzyme that breaks down carbs, causing discomfort and heaviness.

Other food combinations like Wine with Deserts and Muffins with Fruit Juice are also not healthy for the body.

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