Traditionally, the cuisine in India changes from state to state. Earlier, people used to say that the taste of water in India changes every 5 miles.  In the same way, street food and dishes change in India as we go from state to state. Some of the major dishes in some states become street food in the cities as well.

Two such dishes, the dosa, and the sandwich have become firm favorites in the maximum city, the city of Mumbai.  One is an import from the South and is available at several of the iconic street food places in Mumbai. While dosa is the umbrella term for this dish, there are several types of dosas that are available for quick consumption.

Types of Dosa:

  • Sada Dosa: Just batter that’s flattened that’s fried to a crisp.
  • Masala Dosa: cooked potato bhaji within the flat batter.

Mysore Masala Dosa: With more vegetables added to the potato bhaji.

Types of Sandwiches:

  • Sandwich: The typical sandwich has several vegetables sliced and placed between two slices of bread.
  • Toast sandwich: fried potato bhaji between two fried slices of bread.
  • Slice: A simple creation of potato and onion, sliced and served between two slices of bread.

The sandwich is the more exotic of the two. When you to the malls, you get a variety of sandwiches, apart from the common vegetable sandwich. So, you can taste an egg sandwich – boiled eggs between two slices of bread, the omelet sandwich – an omelet between two slices of bread, so on and so forth, the list is endless.  While this is street food, it’s a bit exotic for Mumbai and not available everywhere.

Dosa V Sandwich

The Dosa Vs Sandwich is an interesting question, as both cater to very different markets. The dosa, of course, is more filling because of its potato base and has accompaniments like sambar and chutney that add to the unique taste.  The dosa is street food, but its origins are gourmet. Udipi hotels in Mumbai offer the dosa and its various variants. It’s become street food because several vendors who sell idli and vada also sell dosa.

When it comes to the sandwich, it is not as filling and some might even need two sandwiches, or at least a sandwich and a sandwich slice for a full lunch. The sandwich and the dosa are available at the same price range and the better the preparation, you might eat a sandwich for 100 rupees as well as a dosa for the same amount.

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