Food is the language of our souls. It’s the best way one can use to communicate with each other. Food photography is an art. It is not really hard to master. It’s just tricks that one must follow. It takes a lot of effort to capture the vibrant colors and the beauty of food. While clicking pictures of food, one should always make sure that the colors pop out.

1) First things first, Chose a proper plate of your choice of color and shape. A plate that is best at complimenting your dish. It should always be the opposite and contrast of your food color.

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2) Second, comes the plating so wait before you directly pour your food out from the pan to the plate. Arrange it based on the colors you have. Instead, arrange each item of the dish carefully and garnish it to make it look more appealing.

3) Third, Each cuisine requires a different vibe with its tribe. When capturing an Indian dish capture the rusticity of the dish, while if you are clicking a Chinese dish, then try to put chopsticks in the frame to complete the look.

4)  Natural light is best for a good picture. Food looks best in natural light as each item is highlighted perfectly.

5) Try different angles, be it a top angle or a side one. Based on your dish, choose the angle that is the best and that flatters the plate of food.

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