We are heading towards the second phase of the lockdown and this one seems to be more serious than the first one. Of course, we are supposed to stay at home – unless it is ultimately necessary to go. But that doesn’t mean that we need to be bored out of our skulls waiting at home for the lockdown to end.  While major media companies are working on several projects, one such concept that we need is the online food challenge.  Why would an online food challenge work, you ask?

Before we begin, making videos online has become a lot easier now. There are several tools that allow the users to make the videos and upload them, with the least amount of work, so that video creators can concentrate on making content instead of getting stuck in the nitty-gritty.

Here are the simple reasons why they will:

  • The pandemic has created cooks

Gender doesn’t matter any longer. Anyone with a stomach is learning how to cook, thanks to the pandemic, there has been a splurge of people who are learning to be cooks and have aced it in the months and years that we have spent between the four walls.  So, there is a big audience now, that has cooking skills and is all set to find out whether they are the best and if not, who is the best cook in India.

  • The Pandemic has brought more audiences online

People who didn’t even know what social networks and social media were are now spending more time online, and there needs to be a system that ensures that this time that they are using is more productive than anything.  More and more social media networks are bringing about more challenges that are engaging and creating a whole new userbase that new, excited, and engaged already. And with the pandemic, many people have a lot of time – something that they will have to spend more and more within homes.

  • Expert cooks can teach novices

The internet is the best way to learn several skills, including cooking.  With so many expert cooks clamoring for attention, it would be a great opportunity for amateur cooks to learn how to cook some of the most famous dishes and drinks online, and that too for free.  Once the online food challenges go viral, it might become the next big thing, and who knows, some of us might learn to make a better dish than what we are able to right now.

These are some reasons why an online food challenge is the need of the hour. Do you agree with this? Tell us in the comments section. Do you want to read more articles like this? Visit us at www.bechuzi.com.