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Honey, Lemon and Water when combined together can do wonders.  Consume it in the morning for weight loss. This is not only used for weight loss but can be used for improving your digestive system and also it can be a great detox material. One should start using this on regular basis for more positive results on weight loss. Consuming this early in the morning will help fasten the weight loss process. Honey and water have the ability to flush out toxins and improves metabolism which eventually makes it a health benefit.  

Weight Loss

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If your aim is weight loss make sure to consume a tall glass of honey, water and lemon to boost the process of weight loss. Honey and water when mixed with a bit of lemon juice, helps in speeding up metabolism. It is heavy to drink and stomach filling too. It improves our digestive system and when we have a glass of water we are already full and tend to consume a little less food so having this empty stomach is a great way to start off your day. 

Digestive System

You can have plain warm water to help you reduce weight too. Consuming water before every meal is highly recommended and if you want you can add honey to it too as it will improve digestion. If you consume this early morning it will vanish the problem of digestion and your metabolism rate steadily improves.

Better Immunity


Boost your immune system with warm water and honey. Consuming water and honey will keep you from falling sick as it will boost your immunity. This combination is an effective immunity booster. Honey has amazing antimicrobial properties which help to keep you healthy.  

Soothes allergies


If you are someone who is having allergies and wants to get rid of them then try warm water with honey and it’ll keep you hydrated. Have this tall glass at least three times a day. This does not promise an absolute cure for your allergy but it will reduce the allergic symptoms which will relax the allergy.

Fights cough and throat infection

We seem to catch a cold faster in the winter and rainy season and honey are considered a natural cure for respiratory infection. So try consuming it more during the winter and rainy season to keep out the cold and cough. Honey has antimicrobial and antioxidant properties that can fight against cough.

Here are a few ways and reasons on why to consume honey, lemon and water for better health. To know more about such articles make sure to check our website Bechuzi.