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Orange has many skin benefits and is really tasty and convenient to consume. They have a bitter/sweet taste. This fruit is available 365 Days but in winter you will find it almost everywhere. Eating an orange a day or having a glass of delicious tangy glass of orange juice will help you lose weight. Oranges are rich in calcium, fibre and vitamin C and are low in calories which makes them the best thing to consume with your breakfast and kick start your morning. Golden Apple is a rich source of antioxidants and is really very good for the heart. They also help strengthen, immunity improve vision, fight off hair loss, and also can give us glowing skin.

No More Breakouts

Citric acid is the best for skin as it helps in reducing pimples. Orange is full of citric acid and it helps in getting rid of pimples. You can take orange peel and squeeze it on your skin or squeeze the orange juice and take a cotton pad and apply it to your face. The citric acid makes the pimples dry and eventually, it leaves you with clear skin if you don’t poke your skin with nails. Make a face mask by grinding orange peels and applying them to your face. This mask will keep the pimple away and will also help to deal with oily skin.

Colour Correction

Oranges are rich in calcium, fibre and vitamin C. It is low in calories and so try consuming it with your breakfast. Take an orange peel and dry it in the sun and make a powder out of it. Take this powder and mix with curd or milk; this acts as a natural bleach and is safe to use regularly on the skin for skin glow and freshness. It is a very useful fairness face pack and can be used before a function until and unless you are allergic to oranges.

Rejuvenates Your Skin

The citric acid in orange works really well when you are trying to shrink those big pores. Take a cotton pad and dab on a few drops of orange juice onto the face. Let it dry on your face for 5 minutes and rinse it off with cold water. Dap your towel on your face but make sure to not rub. It will leave you with excellent and refreshed skin which makes you feel rejuvenated.

Here are a few ways and reasons on how and why to use orange as a skincare treatment. To know more about such articles be a part of our Bechuzi family.