Mumbiker Nikhil video already is being watched by 505k people already and still counting.


Mumbiker Nikhil a.k.a Nikhil Sharma is popular among bikers and moto vloggers. He is the first one to make moto vlogging famous in India. Recently through his Instagram we found out about his newly released song ‘Tu Aa Jaana’ with his lady love Shanice Shrestha. She is a fashion and lifestyle YouTuber. It had been rumored for quite a while now that they are dating but now it is finally out in open with his new song ‘Tu Aa Jaana’.


Palak Muchhal has amazed us with her soulful voice. She has an immense fan following. Well, ever since her new single ‘Tu Aa Jaana’ was announced, fans were eagerly waiting for release. One more reason for them to be excited was the very popular Youtuber couple Mumbiker Nikhil aka Nikhil Sharma and his lady love Shanice Shrestha being a part of it.

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Nikhil Sharma and Shanice have recently come out in the open about their relationship. Although their fans knew it for a very long time about their secret affair, they decided to disclose it recently. After a long wait, the song by the fantastic singer is out today. Read on to know more about this track. We have to admit that Palak Muchhal’s voice will reach straight to your heart.

The video starts with a little misunderstanding between the lead pair Mumbiker Nikhil and Shanice Shrestha. Fans who follow their vlogs on YouTube exactly know about their personality. In this music video, ‘Tu Aa Jana’, both these YouTubers appear in a very different avatar. The finesse with which they have done justice to this video is impressive. We can witness some really cute moments between the couple and also some sad moments. But what you will love the most is the part where Nikhil Sharma proposes to Shanice.


Fans of the couple very well know that recently Mumbiker Nikhil had actually proposed to his lady love Shanice Shrestha. Well, the makers of Tu Aa Jana have created an absolute perfect proposal scene in the video as well. Kudos to the director.  The music video has already got 50k views on YouTube and still counting. With this itself, you can imagine the amount of fan following & love Shanice, Nikhil and Palak share. We are sure this song is going to make a way into your playlist.