Darshan Raval is one of the famous singers in Bollywood. He gained popularity through YouTube. He first appeared in the singing reality show India’s Raw Star in 2014. But unfortunately, he didn’t win the show. But he won millions of hearts with his soothing and melodious voice. He did many singles which are huge hits on YouTube. Not only music videos, but he also sang songs in Bollywood movies. Though today there are several like Darshan Raval, he remains one of the most enigmatic and successful crooners who have yet to hit the real big time when it comes to Bollywood movies and the Bollywood music scene.

Here are 5 popular music videos of Darshan Raval.

  • Ek Tarfa

Ek Tarfa is one of the popular music videos of Darshan Raval. Released in July 2020, this single received 85 million views and 1.5 likes on YouTube in just 3 months. Sang and composed by Darshan Raval, this song deals with the feeling of despair due to unrequited love. Penned by Youngveer, this music video directed by Dhruwal Patel.

  • Asal Mein

Asal Mein is one of the famous romantic videos of Darshan Raval. We know that love is happiness and love is sadness. Through this single, we will know that love is also letting go. Sang and composed by Darshan Raval, this music video got 109 Million views and 1.4 Million likes on YouTube.

  • Tera Zikr

Tera Zikr is the best musical masterpiece of Darshan Raval. This single became a huge hit because of its captivating lyrics and infectious tune. It received 195 Million views and 2.2 Million likes on YouTube. Sang and composed by Darshan Raval, Tera Zikr features Darshan Raval and Malhaar Rathod and is an emotional story, along with a fresh vibe that’s capturing the imagination of the young crowd all over India and the world.

  • Hawa Banke

Sang by Darshan Raval, the single penned and composed by Nirmaan. The music video shot in the divine areas of Varanasi. The romantic single features Aditi B alongside Darshan Raval. It received 1.9 Million likes and 129 Million views on YouTube.

  • Bhula Dunga

Sang and composed by Darshan Raval, the music video features Bigg Boss 13 power couple Sidharth Shukla and Shehnaaz Gill. Bhula Dunga is one of the top music videos of Darshan Raval. It received 2.8 Million likes and 91 Million views on YouTube. This single tells us that we should let go of love if it starts giving us pain. Like Arijit Singh, Darshan Raval is one of the few singers whose songs can give you comfort during a difficult phase of your life.  So, we hope he continues belting the songs that we have come to look forward to and love.

Darshan Raval is one of the most exciting upcoming artists in Bollywood. In a few years, he has covered a journey that contemporaries are still just starting.  His lyrics, videos, and song DNA is a breath of fresh air, compared to the other young musicians that belt out their songs pertaining to violence, swag, and everything that’s making this world a more cluttered place.