Is singing your passion? Want to make a bright career in singing but have stage fear? Then, here you go. We have listed out the top karaoke music challenge apps through which you can fulfil your dreams. Yes, you heard it right. By using these Karaoke apps you easily sing any song with the original music background of that particular song. These music apps allow you to sing, record and also share your voice on social media. You can also become popular through these karaoke music challenge apps.

What’s Karaoke?

  • Karaoke is a unique concept that allows the users to sing-along to their favourite songs.
  • Karaoke is pretty famous at house parties in India.
  • Some products in the offer karaoke services, with mic and songs

Check out the top music challenge apps to download today below:

  • Sing! Karaoke

Top Music Challenge Apps to download today

Sing! Karaoke is one of the top music challenge apps to download today. It supports both Android and iOS smartphones. You can sing any song with an artist using this karaoke app. You can easily create a solo, duet, and group videos with any of your favourite singers around the world. This app provides amazing audio effects and also allows you to self-record your voice. You can share your videos with your friends, family, and also your fans.

  • SongPop 2

Top Music Challenge Apps to download today

SongPop 2 is one of the best Karaoke apps which is available for android and iOS users freely. This app has a good collection of all types of songs. You can choose any song and sing and record with ease. Balancing the music with the voice, add themes, video effects and other customizations are the most amazing features of this music challenge app. You can share your singing videos on social media and can become popular.

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  • Singa

Top Music Challenge Apps to download today

Singa is another free karaoke app that supports on both android and iOS mobiles. There are thousands of songs available in this app. You can easily search for any of your favourite songs and sing them on your mobile. It has more than 25000 high-quality songs with karaoke-style lyrics.

  • Baby Karaoke

Baby Karaoke is one of the best music challenge apps for kids. It consists of a huge collection of songs for kids. It is the perfect app for the kids to learn and improve the songs with the best accompaniment. This app is very easy to use and also provides good graphics and background for a kid. Baby Karaoke has inbuilt a variety of rhymes and songs that the kids can easily listen to and learn. It also allows recording the voice of the kids.

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  • WeSing

Top Music Challenge Apps to download today

WeSing is another popular music challenge app for android and iOS users. It allows you to easily start singing and recording the songs on your mobiles. It updates the latest songs daily and weekly. Hence, you can easily get the latest songs and record your performance on your favourite song and easily become a star. It also has a music editing option so that you can easily edit music and also add sound effects for free. There is an intelligent search function through which you can easily search and get your favourite song on this app.

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