Hello Folks!!! WHOIS? India’s Best Dancer East Region Qualifiers has been successfully completed. The top 32 dancers of the East Region proceeded to the bracket rounds. The top 5 dancers also received cash prizes. One among them is Akina Mishra aka Akansha Mishra. She secured 4th position in the East Region Qualifiers.

Akansha Mishra is from Mumbai and has been learning dance for the past ten years. She started her dancing career in Bollywood style but for the last 5 years, she is into lyrical dance style. She chose lyrical dance because she feels that it is the best way to present a story perfectly through dance to the audience. She believes that she can tell exquisite stories via her dance. Akina always strives to gain love from the audience. She is not that much into winning any prizes or awards. Her style represents her actual lifestyle including the concept and beauty of nature.

Now, Akina Mishra emerged as the top 4 in the WHOIS? India’s Best Dancer East Region Qualifiers and won a cash prize of 4000 Rupees. She qualified for the Bracket Rounds. Let’s wish her all the best for the further rounds.

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