Akash (aka AXI) is from the V Company India. He has a love for dance from childhood. He started his dancing journey about 11 years ago with Vernon Monteiro, the creator of V Company, who was a famous solo dancer and group dancer since from that time. He was inspired by Vernon’s creative process and decided to learn dance from him. Vernon gladly accepted Axi into his group and from there Axi’s passion for dance increased and decided to do something in the field of dance. 

Axi is also known as Future X. After joining Vernon’s group, Axi learned many dance forms and creative skills which led him from the streets to reality shows, awards, movies, corporate events, the international stage, and now the judge of the biggest solo dance championship in India – WHOIS? India’s Best Dancer. Axi was also one of the judges at the FEEL judging panel.


WHOIS? India’s Best Dancer is the first biggest and richest dance championship in India exclusively on the international dance app, Chuzi. Chuzi is the best dance challenge app where dancers can participate in as many dance challenges as possible. The dancers can challenge each other and can also increase their fan base internationally.

WHOIS? India’s Best Dancer is open to all the dancers from all the regions of India i.e, East, West, North, and South. WHOIS? India’s Best Dancer is a great opportunity for all the solo dancers in India to showcase their dancing talent on stage. WHOIS? India’s Best Dancer creates a positive, competitive, and inclusive environment for all the dancers.

Axi is going to judge the west region. The top 32 dancers of qualifying rounds from the west region will advance to bracket rounds. Axi will be judging the dancers based on certain criteria. He is going to see the dancer’s musicality, creativity, skills, and presentation. So, this is the golden opportunity for all the western region dancers to impress Axi with their dancing skills and qualify for further rounds.

Get ready and upload your dance videos on the dance challenge app, Chuzi!!!