WHOIS? is the video dance competition for the Indian dance community that’s creating the perfect platform for them to show off their dance moves and talent.

Here’s how to Qualify for WHOIS?:

The competition has the biggest prize money and has the dance community excited for several reasons, and here are five:




Total of 148 winners from qualifying round to the finals

Total of 128 to advance past qualifying rounds guaranteed to win a minimum of 1000 INR to a maximum of 100,000 INR

  • Lowest entry and audition fees

Acquire the WHOIS? Pro badge for 250 INR and get pro status on your Chuzi profile giving you all access to not only WHOIS? India’s best dancer but all WHOIS other contest in 2022 that offers similar prize money. With your WHOIS? Pro Badge, you will position yourself to win millions more in cash prizes for all WHOIS? Competition for 2022

  • Transportation cost for audition and qualifying is zero

No more spending money and time for transportation for each audition.  with all WHOIS? competitions starting with WHOIS? India’s best dancer all qualifying rounds are a simple and easy video submissions via the Chuzi app that will be entered into challenges and receive judges scores identical to auditions and battles on site.

Only when you advance to the quarterfinals that will be held at V Company studios will you have to travel to the venue.

All who advance to the quarter finals will be guaranteed a minimum cash prize of 25,000inr. this means that once you arrive at V Company studios you will have a minimum cash prize waiting for you! this will be more than worth the travel cost to receive a minimum of 25,000 to a 100,000 for the winner.

  • Build your voter base with for all WHOIS? competitions.

The more fan votes you receive from each challenge in each round means the fans you will have in your voter base that will vote for you in all WHOIS? competitions.

Share your challenges to attract more fans and loyal voters.  build your fanbase on Chuzi to win challenges and cash prizes.

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