Hello Everyone!!! WHOIS? India’s Best Dancer Challenges are going to start today. The dancers are going to challenge each other exclusively on our app, Chuzi. To win the challenges, the dancers need to earn points and votes for their dance videos. The dancer with more votes will be the winner.

WHOIS? India’s Best Dancer Fan Vote Points in Detail

  • 100+ Votes = 30 Points
  • 75 Votes = 20 Points
  • 50 Votes = 10 Points

Attention All Dancers

Here is the most important instruction for all the dancers. You need to share your Video and Reference Number with your friends on your social media account with and get as many votes as you can to get the full 30 points.

  • 1 User = 1 Vote
  • Make sure that you use your dancer’s reference number in order for it to count as 1 unique user vote.