WHOIS? India’s Best Dancer is the video dance competition with the richest prize money in India, and is the perfect platform for the danc community to show off their skills, create a following and increase it in a simple and hasslefree manner.

WHOIS? India’s Best Dancer is presented by V Company Productions and is powered by the Chuzi app. To take part in the WHOIS? India’s Best Dancer competition, all you need to do is download the app, sign up and upload your video using the hashtag WHOIS.

The total prize money of WHOIS? India’s Best Dancer is 7,50,000, making it one of the biggest and richest prize monies.

Acquire the WHOIS Pro Badge for 250 INR and you get access to all WHOIS? challenges and competitions throughout the year.

V Company is the trusted name in the dance fraternity and is headed by Vernon Monteiro. Chuzi is the premium dance challenge app that strives to give a platform for all dance enthusiasts to show off their dance talents.

Together, they bring to you WHOIS? India’s Best Dancer. After doing research, Swapnil Patil agreed to become the judge for the show.

Here’s the transcript of that interview:

About his initial beginnings:

Swapnil Patil is a choreographer, and he owns the Dynamic Dance Crew. He started out as a solo dancer, and tried his hand at several dance competitions, but success was difficult to come by.  Later on, he created a crew with the talented dancers that he interacted with, in the colleges that he performed in.  He formed the Dynamic Dance Crew and launched the competition, PODS – Power of Desi Street.

About why he agreed to judge WHOIS? India’s Best Dancer:

About WHOIS? India’s Best Dancer, Swapnil says that every dance community in India is looking out for such an opportunity, as they get a platform, recognition as well as prize money. He said that many dance performers don’t have a strong financial background, so with the WHOIS? India’s Best Dancer competition, they can make money as well as get their name out there.

About his Judging Criteria

Swapnil said that while there are several criteria that he looks for, the most important of them are, 

  • Musicality
  • Expression
  • Stage Use
  • Skills
  • Song Selection
  • Overall Presentation

On How He Will Judge the Dances:

Swapnil said that whenever he views a dance video, he will see how unique the dance videos are and how different the dance performance is from the other performances. India has a variety of dance performers and therefore, there are several types of dance performances.

On his one tip for all the dance performers:

Swapnil says that the competition has people from all over the region, and dance competitors can see success in it only if they give it their best.

Here are five simple reasons why you should join WHOIS?

Here’s the information about the important dates of WHOIS? India’s Best Dancer (West Region):

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