Dance tournaments are important for making talents known. That’s why we enlisted here some of the competition of V Company that they organized!

To provide a good platform for aspiring dancers and to bring out new talent, Vernon organized many dance championships and competitions through his V Company Productions. Many talented dancers were aided in their dance careers through these tournaments. Below are the various dance competitions and tournaments organized by V Company Productions.

Feel Season 1

The Feel Season 1 was the world’s first ever lyrical dance battle for solo dancers. The contestants need to dance on the lyrics of the song rather than its beats. Remo D’Souza was the head judge of Feel Season. Sushant and Amardeep have secured 1st and 2nd place respectively in this competition.

Feel Season 2

As Feel Season 1 was a huge success, the V Company Productions has conducted Feel Season 2. Mohan Singh had won the Feel Season 2 title and also the hearts of many people.

Feel Season 3

With the great success of Feel Season 1 and Feel Season 2, Vernon Monteiro is going to organize Feel Season 3. The audition dates for this competition will be released very soon.

India’s Best Dance Crew (IBDC)

Vernon has conducted India’s Best Dance Crew to create the best platform for the dance crews out there. India’s Best Dance Crew Finals was held at Vernon Dance Ground and popular choreographer Ganesh Hegde was the judge of the finals.

Furthermore, the other dance competition or championships that were undertaken by the V Company Productions are Khoj, Knockout, and more. In this way, the V Company Productions is providing an amazing opportunity to all the new talents to prove themselves in the Indian dance community.

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