Know more about the top 10 most popular and very talented dance groups in India right here!

In the olden days, dance was just a hobby for the people and nothing more than that. But today, dance became not only a passion but a career for most of the people. India is composed of numerous amazing dancers and also dance groups. In recent years, many dance groups became famous nationally and internationally because of their talent and hard work. Among all of them, we have listed out some of the 10 best dance groups of India right here.

V Company

V Company is the 1st mega crew of India consisting of 50 members. This group was formed by the famous choreographer, Vernon Monteiro. V Company has won many competitions like Boogie Woogie, India’s Got Talent, Entertainment Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega, Dance Plus, 7up Dance Challenge, Adhurs (South reality show), and more.

MJ 5

MJ 5 is a five-member dance crew that is an internationally recognized group of India. They are called the Moonwalk Magicians. They are very much popular for their unique style. This group has earned fame after winning the dance show, India’s Dancing Superstar that aired on Star Plus.

Skeleton Dance Crew

Skeleton Dance Crew is one of the leading dance groups in India. SDC was formed by Harpreet Singh (Honey) in the year 2001. This is the first dance crew who have introduced Tron Dance in India.

Zenith Dance Troupe

Zenith Dance Troupe is one of the best dance groups of India with more than 15 years of successful journey. This troupe has given 10,000+ live shows all over the world. This group was formed by Sooraj Katoch and Ritu Kapoor.

Desi Hoppers

Desi Hoppers is the first Indian team to win the World of Dance championship held in Los Angeles. This seven-member crew got recognition from the shows like So You Think You Can Dance and Step Up. Desi Hoppers crew is led by the actor and dancer Shantanu Maheshwari.

Blitzkrieg Dance Crew

Blitzkrieg Dance Crew is one of the world’s top performers in the dance style Hip Hop. This dance group was formed back in 2007. Blitzkrieg Dance Crew has gotten recognition when they won the regional-level hip hop dance competition at NIT Surathkal, Karnataka.

Kings United

Kings United India is a hip hop dance group formed by the choreographer, Suresh Mukund. This is the first Indian team to win a Bronze medal at the World Hip Hop Championship.

Hipnotics Dance Group

Hipnotics is one of the leading hip hop dance groups in India. This is a group of 8 young dancers led by the Harish Patil. They have won a gold medal in the National Level Hip Hop Championship 2013 and silver medal in Indian Hip Hop Championships 2016. This dance crew also participated in the World Hip Hop Championship.

Gang 13

Gang 13 is one of the best dance crews in India performing desi hip hop. They have won Breezer Vivid Shuffle in India’s Biggest Hip Hop Dance Festival.

I AM hip-hop crew

I AM hip-hop crew is another popular dance group in India. They were noticed after winning the gold medal in the Indian Hip Hop dance championship 2014.

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