Nowadays, hip hop is gaining more attention and becoming famous. Initially, hip hop used to limited to streets and underground hip-hop clubs. But now, because of the increase in dance reality shows on television, the hip hop dance form is trending. Hip hop is a collection of urban dance styles that includes a foundation of breaking, popping and locking. Here, we are listing out the hip hop choreographers who are the most popular in the world.

Check out the 5 best hip hop choreographers in the world-
  • Michael Jackson

Michael is the King of Pop. However, his dance moves find their origin in hiphop dance. His hip-hop dance style consists of funk, soul and electric boogaloo which creates a unique balance of pop, and hip-hop worthy dance. Michael Jackson’s dance style admired by everyone because of its unique style and fashion.

  • Run-DMC

Top 5 Hip hop Choreographers in the World

Run-DMC is the most popular hip hop dance group in the 1980s. Formed in the year 1983, they were the first hip-hop group to achieve a Gold record. Run-DMC is an exceptional hip-hop team equipped with timeless hip-hop moves.

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  • Aaliyah

Top 5 Hip hop Choreographers in the World

Aaliyah is a popular hip hop choreographer and pop singer in the 1990s. She ranked as one of the top 25 dancers of all time by BET (Black Entertainment Television). Her hiphop dance style is different and amazing. She also shared the stage with hip-hop artists like Sean Combs and Timberland.

  • Paula Abdul

Top 5 Hip hop Choreographers in the World

Paula Abdul is one of the famous choreographers and hip-hop dancers. She became more popular because of her position as a judge on American Idol. She has great choreography skills and musical talents. Paula choreographed the piano dance scene performed by Tom Hanks in the movie Big. She also won many “Best of Dance” awards.

  • MC Hammer

Top 5 Hip hop Choreographers in the World

MC Hammer is one of the most popular hip hop dance artists and dancers of all time. He is the most trending dancer in the 1980s and 1990s. MC Hammer founded the culture Hyphy which is short for hyperactive. Hyphy describes the music and culture in association with urban hip-hop.

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  • Ciara

Top 5 Hip hop Choreographers in the World

Ciara is one of the famous hip hop dancers and an American singer. She gained popularity for her hip hop and pop-infused dance style and music. Ciara won the Best Dance Performance at the Soul Train Music Awards 2010.  She also worked with famous artists like Akon, Ja Rule, and Flo Rida.

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